On-Board Courier

Joore Express provides Time-Critical / Hand Carry shipments up to 30 kg to all destinations throughout Europe, managed from our office in Slovenia.
We have an excellent network of professional on-board couriers, who always meet your needs when it comes to organizing your individual shipments.
We handle each order with the utmost care and focus.

Important contracts, urgent spare parts, medical emergencies: It is always about reliability and velocity.
Our on-board courier service is characterized by the employment of our trained personnel, who always has an eye on your shipment.
We dispose of the international experience which you can rely on.

An OBC is a person who transports goods onboard a commercial flight. These can be goods from any sort of industry.
For example within the aviation sector, an OBC could be a perfect solution for an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation.
Or within the healthcare industry an OBC could be a safe and secure manner of transporting lifesaving medication.

Using an OBC for the delivery of high priority consignments has many advantages:

  • The fastest transportation method available.
  • Safety guaranteed as delivery stays in one pair of hands.
  • No loss of shipment.
  • Simplified procedures.

Please contact us for more information.

On-Board Courier Services.
Phone: +386 70 284 082
E-mail: info@joore-express.com